What you should do before you finish your basement

Many homeowners want to make the most out of their basement space, using it for more than simple storage. Finished basements that are habitable spaces are becoming all the rage, but there is much more to

finishing a basement than just planning out style, aesthetics, and putting down some carpeting and a coat of paint.

Almost any basement can become a finished basement, but the process is not an easy one. You need the time to learn about what to do and a bit of knowhow. Additionally, there are certain things you need to do to ready your basement space. Many folks turn to professionals from start to finish to be sure their new finished basement really looks its best.

If you are thinking about finishing your basement, we at Rogers Basement Waterproofing recommend taking certain steps first. By being prepared before you get started, you will have a greater chance of success for your project.


To be successful in any project, a plan is vital. Prior to finishing your basement, you will need a plan that will guide you and the professionals working on the task. The plan should involve everything from preparing the space with waterproofing, to readying the electric, selecting fixtures, choosing flooring, picking paints, and more. Making sure the space is clean and dry is vital; if your basement is damp or prone to flooding, everything you put in your finished basement is almost certain to be ruined.


When you are planning to finish your basement for whatever reason, it is crucial that you consider the aspect of waterproofing.  Basements are known to be damp or become flooded, and these water issues can destroy everything you have put into your finished basement. Consult with waterproofers before getting started; not only can they take steps to keep the space dry, but they can also tell you if a finished basement may not be the best idea for your home.

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