Top tips for removing mold in your home

Mold has been found to cause quite a number of allergic reactions and respiratory related illnesses. Children and those with allergies, asthma, and other existing conditions are at a higher risk of being affected by the mold,

and this is one reason why all of us at Rogers Basement Waterproofing recommend that you should eliminate mold as soon as you spot it in the house.

When you clean up mold, you need to be careful. Mold grows everywhere, not just in spots you would expect, including hard to reach places. They also are tiny and microscopic spores that are airborne, entering into the air we breathe. Since the utmost caution needs to be taken to both remove the mold and stay healthy while doing it, we present the following tips, which is just the start when it comes to safely removing mold from your home.

1.       You should invest is a high quality dust mask. Mold thrives well in moist environments with little or no ventilations and when cleaning you will need a good respiratory protection device to keep you out of harm’s way. Keep in mind that concentrated amounts of mold spores are severely dangerous to your respiratory system, especially if you are already sensitive.

2.       Prior to starting the cleaning process, you should research on the best chemical to use. While mold can be cleaned using a number of chemicals from soap to bleaches, you should ensure that the chemicals you plan to use eliminate the mold completely and do not produce any harmful gases. Additionally, you want to pick the right chemical for the surface you will be using it on, and you want to choose something that is safe for your family.

3.       Some of the porous materials at home should be completely replaced if they have been attacked by mold. This is because the microscopic spores can grow deep in the materials therefore making it had to eliminate them. If your furniture, carpet, or drywall has been infested, it is time for replacement.

4.       Inspect your HVAC system. The fact that the system moves air all around your house creates a possibility of mold growing in the vents. You will be required to clean all the small spaces ensuring that the crevices and the filters are sparkling clean and free of mold. You will however need special supplies to deal with the mold from these areas.

5.       The best tip when it comes to removing mold in your house is this: get rid of the moisture that caused the problem in the first place. Remember that the mold is growing because of moisture, and thus the tips above will be useless if the problem is not dealt with from the source. There is no need to keep on cleaning your house without removing the source of moisture. You need to repair leaks, use a dehumidifier, and call in waterproofing experts to assist you with the elimination of water and moisture problems that have been plaguing your home.

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