How to repair foundation walls

Your home’s foundation is what keeps the structure safe, secure, and stable. If you have problems with you foundation, there is a chance that your house is seriously in danger of becoming unsafe and

maybe even not suitable for living quite soon.

Foundation damage has a number of causes. Usually the underlying issue is water damage, moisture problem, or unstable soils below the home. Since we have been in business for decades here at Rogers Basement Waterproofing, we have seen all sorts of serious foundation damage.

Causes of foundation wall damage

There are many things that can cause foundation problems. One main cause is unstable soils under and around the foundation, and as these soils shift, expand, and contract, usually with changes in seasons and moisture levels. With time these can cause instabilities which lead to many different types of foundation wall damage.

Other causes of foundation damage can be due to water and moisture saturation that has caused cracks, mold problems, and other issues. Poor construction, below par building materials, accidents, and natural disasters can also cause issues with foundation walls.

Preventing foundation damage

It is easier to prevent foundation damage than it is to repair foundation issues, and it is much less expensive as well. This is one reason why we recommend proper indoor and outdoor waterproofing solutions, as they can help prevent a bunch of problems for your home and property, including damage to foundation walls. Correct drainage that directs water away from your home can also be a big help in preventing foundation wall damage.

In addition to proper waterproofing and drainage, you should keep an eye on your foundation walls. Regularly check out your foundation walls, making sure your basement or crawlspace walls are dry, not bowing, and are not cracking. When you discover any issues or potential issues, you should consult with professionals to make sure that your structure is safe and secure and not in danger of sustaining damage.

Repairing foundation walls

There are several things that can be done to fix foundation walls, but for the vast majority of property owners, this is not something that one should try on their own. Your home’s foundation is important and vital, and because of this, foundation wall repair should not be something you attempt on your own.

If you detect any issue with your foundation walls, contact us immediately. We will recommend the right way to fix the specific damage you have in your home, and we can also help to take steps to remedy the underlying problem to keep your home safe, secure, and livable.

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