Repair options for foundation beams

There are many things that can cause foundation damage, and there are also several types of foundation damage that can happen to your home. Usually caused by moisture (or loose soils due to moisture),

foundation issues can make your home unstable over time, and if left too long, the structure can become unlivable.

Damage to foundation beams happens to be just one of many issues that can plague a home due to water. These beams are what truly supports your home and makes it stable and safe, so any problems with these beams need to be remedied right away.

The options for fixing foundation beams vary according to the damage and the type of beam. Bracing may be needed, replacement beams could be in order, or additional beams may be used.

There are a lot of variables, and this is why we at Rogers Basement Waterproofing always recommend having a professional evaluate this sort of damage and carry out the necessary repairs. While a savvy do-it-yourself enthusiast may be able to execute beam repair, it seems that the safety of your home and the occupants in it is something too valuable to try to do as a side project, but it is definitely something that needs to be done as soon as possible.

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