Piers and foundation beams

The construction of a house to make a new home is an exciting venture. One of the best things about constructing a house over purchasing one is the fact that the home owner has the freedom to choose floor plan,

wall coverings, modern appliances, flooring materials, doors and windows, and anything else they want to represent their taste. However, most people forget the fact that the construction will begin from the ground up, starting with the foundation.

Many people who are caught up in the aesthetics of their new home forget the most important part when it comes to the constriction of a house is the foundation. Many home owners let builders use whatever method they like, but others may insist on pier and beam foundations. These foundation types are more durable, longer lasting, but more costly than many other alternative approaches.

Why pier and beam foundations are good

As mentioned, they last longer and have greater durability than other types of foundations. Pier and beam foundations for the most part offer several specific advantages in that they are not easily affected by shifts in soil and are quite moisture resistant, especially when professional waterproofing is applied.

Additionally, these are deeper foundations, and they allow for a crawlspace or basement. This gives you greater access to your home’s utilities in the event that something goes wrong and repairs need to be made, water-related or otherwise.

About repairs

While pier and beam foundations are solid choices for your home, they are not infallible. As mentioned, they are good at keeping moisture out, but that is really only with good waterproofing and proper drainage solutions being applied. Proper home maintenance and regular inspections can also help to keep issues with this sort of foundation at bay.

When there are issues, normally caused by moisture or the surrounding soil, there are repairs that can be done to make this foundation become more safe and sturdy again; these need to be done as soon as possible to prevent further damage or issues that may not be able to be fixed. Using replacement piers and beams, foundation repair experts are often able to easily correct foundations that could otherwise be serious foundation issues without proper intervention. Of course, fixing the underlying problem is just as important as the foundation repair.

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